Gambling is one of the industries that were hugely benefited due to the advent of internet. It started off in low-scale and has now risen to a billion-dollar business. There are a number of online casinos, who are providing an opportunity to gambling-lovers to enjoy gambling at the comfort of their homes without waiting for free slot machines.

Easy access to great casino deals:

With online casinos people have access to a huge range of games in just one place in addition to great deals makes online casinos an attractive option. If you are thinking about indulging in online gambling and are not sure about where to begin with, then visit The website lists great deals available at best slot sites available in the UK.

Choosing an online casino is made easier now. You can use this site to compare the deals across various sites and make an appropriate selection without spending more than required. Online gambling isn’t without social risks and new regulations have come into effect. Take note of the regulations before entering the world of online casinos.

Online gambling regulations:

The following regulations came into effect since May 2019 to control the increased number of problems associated with online gambling. These regulations are devised in the aim of risks associated with regulatory failures that arise when operators don’t know enough about a player’s credit before letting them play.

Old regulation regarding player details verification:

The operators were granted 72 hours to check a player’s credentials after they register themselves and the players continued to make deposits and play during this 72-hour period. The operators carried out identity checks even after receiving withdrawal requests which resulted in late payments.

New regulations regarding player details verification:

  • Licensees must confirm player credentials like name, address and DOB before letting them deposit money, claim bonuses, play demo or real money games.
  • Operators are required to collect all the necessary information of players in advance and shouldn’t make late payments to winners.
  • Operator must let player know which are the identification documents needed and why they are needed.

The revised regulations ensure more transparency, are fairer and prevent minors from indulging in potentially harmful activities.

Curbing access to minors:

In a survey conducted between children aged 11 and 16, 39% admitted that they used their money in the past 12 months to play online gambling and 14% had used their own money to play online in the past week. When analysing further it is seen that majority of them were exposed to online gambling ads in television, social media and other websites.

The Advertising Standards Authority (FSA) found 5 online gambling companies for targeting children by monitoring the children’s browsing behaviour. The future regulations may impose rules limiting posting adverts in televisions and sports events.

In future there may be new rules against using credit cards to make deposits. Banning credit card is likely to cause a huge blow for the business but it will restrict underage players and those with less credit from being involved. New regulations would hopefully bring down the occurrence of social risks.

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