Whenever you join any online casino site you are offered certain bonus amount so that you can use that money for your initial betting. Though there is a famous saying that there is no free lunch however in case of casino websites, this statement is not really true.

The amount of bonus that you get will however vary from different websites.  Some websites may offer higher amount of bonus and others not so high amount. However, every website will offer certain amount of bonus to attract more participants to their sites. There are various categories of bonusses too.  Therefore, in this small article we shall give a brief overview of the bonusses offered by various online casino sites.

  • Deposit bonus

Whenever you sign up for any online roulette game, on any of the website, then you are offered certain amount as free bonus. Some of the websites will offer you 100 to 200 per cent of your deposit amount as a bonus however, in order to avail those bonusses you need to use proper bonus code that will be given to you. Unless you use those codes, you cannot avail such bonuses.

The bonus for the roulette games that you play online will be credited to you as soon as you sign up however it will never be shown in your account. You need to meet certain requirements to avail those bonuses. As an example, some websites will put the condition that you have to use some amount of your deposit for playing your first bet. Thereafter your bonus amount will be available for you to use. This is done so that people do not exhaust their bonus money and walk away without spending their own money.

  • Reload bonus

This bonus is offered so that the participants may make further deposits and this is the loyalty bonus offered to the participants so that they are encouraged to play more in the website and continue to deposit more money. Some people may often move away to another website who may be offering much more attractive bonus for joining their websites.  You need to read the fine print of the rules so that you can negotiate better while claiming reload bonus.

  • Certain bonus restrictions for online roulette

If the casino websites are too liberal in offering bonus to their participants then very soon they will become bankrupt. If you read the small print regarding the bonus rules then you will understand that unless you put certain wager amount, you cannot utilise your bonus amount. As an example, suppose your deposit amount is $100 then you will be entitled to receive bonus amount of $100. Then you need to put another $200 multiplied by a factor of 15 to 30 as a wager amount to claim your bonus amount. In other words, until or unless you wager $3000 you will not be in a position to claim your roulette bonus.

Therefore, don’t get carried away by seeing the higher bonus amount. The online websites are here to make money for themselves and not for charity.

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