Matched or double betting is becoming a popular way of making profit online. It is a simple way of betting that guarantees profit on each bet. However, you need to get a grip on its working.

In double betting, bettors can take advantage of the bookies special offers. It is a mathematical approach and needs two actions to be performed.

  • Sign up with a bookmaker providing free bet on a game and back bet
  • Visit the betting exchange website and lay a bet of the same amount

(Betting exchange is a platform where users get a chance to bet against one another. The exchange holds the money until outcome is determined.)

Let’s understand this scenario with an example. Suppose there is a football game between Michigan Wolverines and Wisconsin Badgers. A bookmaker places an offer that if you lose bet then get initial stake back. So, you bet on Wolverines to win with 2/1 odds.

It means if Wolverines win you receive £30, but if they lose then you just get the initial £10 stake back from the bookies.

At the betting exchange you lay bet against Wolverines. It means if Wolverines wins you pay £20 to person, whom you made bet on. If Wolverines lose you win and earn £10.

In short, if Wolverines win you earn £10 from bookmaker, whereas if Wolverines lose you win £10 from betting exchange. It means a 50/50 situation.

What is needed to start?

Four things are needed to participate in matched bettingand earn profits.

  • Accounts with several bookmakers
  • Account with betting exchange
  • Dedicated bank account
  • Internet connection

Having several bookmakers’ accounts means you get more offers, which indicates more opportunities to gain profits through double betting. You can start double betting today itself because –

  • Easy to start
  • Guaranteed profits
  • No experience needed
  • Bet from home
  • Thousands of people use it
  • Regular income

How to get started?

If you are serious to get started then visit a double betting website. There are several paid and free services with quality information on offer that massively differ. The question is whether you desire to pay and if yes how much.

How much cash is needed to start?

Initial cost to start double betting is not large. It depends on the specific website. Most services recommend starting with £500 and allow bettors to increase the deposits and qualify for the free bets.

You can sign up with some for free and others you will need to pay for. Some charge reasonable, while there are a few that charge steeply.

Bookmakers hate double betting because it literally cost them income loss of millions per year. However, bookmakers cannot do anything about this because by the time they detect that you are using bookmaker’s account for bonuses, you have easily earned in thousands.

Match betting services are recommended because if you go independently then trying to evaluate the plethora of free bet options is massively time consuming. You can experience losses because your betting plans were not appropriate.

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